October, 2022

Reem Couture

November 10, 2020

Our realtor, Carole Tam, was a godsend. We are so fortunate to have found her. She really listened to our needs and wants of what we're looking for. She truly looked out for us when helping us find a house that was perfect. As first time home buyers, we couldn't have asked for a more attentive and experienced person to be on our side. Thank you so much Carole!

John P

September 27, 2020

Through Carole Tam, I was able to buy a new house safely in Texas.

I made an offer on the house in January of this year and just completed paperwork this month. Due to the coronavirus situation, after completion of the paperwork, I could not personally travel from Japan, so I used a local agent to help. Carole Tam was able to respond to and take care of everything for me locally. I gave her power of attorney to close for me, which was very helpful. Thank you.

She’s a competent agent who I’ve been able to get acquainted with at CCIM. She showed me many general housing and investment properties. When house hunting in Texas, please consult with Carole C. Tam, CCIM: https://www.facebook.com/carole.tamtexasrealestate

If you are a Japanese agent, you will only find pricier properties through your own search. However, Carole will be able to quickly find the same information and prices as locals. When searching for a house in America during this time, I found many properties in the Dallas area.

At first I searched for pre-owned homes, but then decided on a new build after viewing townhouses, condos, and apartments. The main reason was the price difference between pre-owned and new is that it costs less, and it is safe because the guarantee is solid.

The following 4 points are big expenses to be prepared for on rental properties in the United States:

1) Tornado and fire natural disasters
2) Ground settling
3) Replacement air conditioner
4) Carpet flooring are costly replacements, so find tile properties if possible

1) I thought that tornadoes wouldn't likely occur, but I previously almost signed an apartment building before purchasing this property. It had tornado damage, which I learned before completing final paperword – I was lucky. Definitely go with insurance. It's about $1200 a year.

2) Ground settling is the same as settling in Japan. Houses where the front door is above the road will easily settle. During house hunting, please be careful, look around for foundation cracks.

3) In the Dallas and North Texas area, the air conditioner will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Life expectancy of an air conditioning unit is around 10 years, so you will definitely need to replace it when buying a preowned house, which will be an expensive investment.

4) If you plan to rent out your property and the carpet needs replacement, it’s an additional cost.

In the case of a new build, you can cover everything except for tornado damage.

Finally, finding an agent who can manage properly is the key when buying to rent. In this experience, I was lucky to have found good rental management and experience with Carole. Within 2 days, we were able to lease the house to a very nice family in Frisco.

Due to Corona circumstances, the price of real estate is decreasing in Dallas, so now might be time to buy.

Taizo H

June 24, 2020

My husband and I had the pleasure to work with Carole and for her help to purchase our first home in DFW area. Carole is extremely professional and diligent to ensure we found the home we need and like. During the house hunting process, she accompanied us to see many houses in different towns, often able to quickly schedule appointments with the various listing agents at short notice and got us exactly what we were hoping to see…not to mention all these happened during Covid! We never felt pressured by Carole to purchase throughout the whole process, she would objectively help list out the pros and cons of each place for us, as well as pulling market data and analysis reports to help us make wise decision. Once we found the home that we like, we learned first hand that she is an excellent negotiator! No matter the attitude of the listing agent, Carole was patient and meticulous to help us negotiate, her strategy allowed us to purchase at a price we think is very fair and within budget. The closing process was smooth and cannot be better with Carole’s help and referral; being very new to the area, Carole recommended us a very hard-working loan officer and title agency. We were able to close in less than a month, 10 days ahead of our schedule without any hitch and at a very sweet interest rate.

All this is to say, it’s been a true blessing for us to be able to work with Carole in buying our home, her professionalism and treating each transaction as if it’s her own all made our buying experience superb. I highly recommend Carole for anyone who is looking to purchase/sell home or properties in the DFW area. You can rest assured she will always have your best interest at heart and willwork very hard for you to protect your interests.

Colin and Vickie N

April 22, 2018

Carole, You have set a GREAT EXAMPLE of what the Standards are for a successful Commercial Broker.

You are Courageous, High Character, Commitment to you Clients, Great Capital Manager, and CCIM certified - an incredible Standard for all of us as Commercial Brokers.

David K. Hyun, MBA CCIM

September 13, 2016

Carole Tam sold a commercial/medical center for us in San Gabriel Valley California for close to $ 4,000,000. I only have very positive things to say about Carol. Yes, nobody is perfect, but whatever imperfections she may have did not show up in our real estate deal.
Mrs. Tam was always accessible by phone, responded very quickly. She truly worked as our advocate representative. Mrs. Tam is very good at qualifying buyers and sellers. She dealt with potential buyers in a strong way when she thought they were wasting our time or finding unreasonable objections. She continued to resolve issues throughout the due diligence process and escrow.

Carol Tam is very professional and has a great deal of experience. We are experienced real estate investors and familiar with the process. We were impressed with Carol Tam’s service and ability.

Randall Kroha

June 22, 2016
Beckhoff Automation

Carole did a fantastic job finding a location for my company to establish a regional office in. She was very professional, paying close attention to our needs and diligent about her searches. She produced results that did not waste my time, which I appreciated very much! Once we found the right location she went above and beyond to negotiate and secure the space quickly, always looking out for my company’s best interest. Carole was prompt, clear, and thorough in her communications. Again, her level of professionalism and helpfulness were outstanding! Thank you, Carole!

Paul Zurlinden

August 24, 2015
North Green Chiropractic &
Physical Medicine

Carole C. Tam is the best. She is so professional & so organized. We negotiated a great term with the landlord and she got us into the office space for my chiropractic practice in less than 60 days.

Dr. Ryan S.

April 6, 2013
Randall & Colleen Kroha
Rancol Ventures Inc.

Hi Carole,

Now that escrow is closed on our Rosemead Blvd. Sale and we have 70% of our 1031 Exchange in escrow, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your exceptional service.

In a very difficult market for selling retail-commercial property to developers, you found the perfect, qualified buyer. You also negotiated a sale price and terms that exceeded expectations and most importantly managed the deal to a successful close without delays. I am convinced that your assistance and management of the due diligence and escrow documentation process ensured a successful, trouble free close for us and our buyer.

I was a pleasure working with you. Please feel free to share this letter with prospective clients and associates. My wife and I wish you and your family all th best.

Thank you again for our support and professionalism.

Randy & Colleen Kroha
Laguna Beach, CA

June 26, 2009

Dear Carole,

Thank you for all your efforts in pursuing and finalizing the sale of my commercial property on Valley Blvd, in Alhambra.

I appreciate the regular communication, status and attention to detail. You are courteous and professional, and go out of your way to get the job done.

It's been a pleasure working with you. Thanks again.

Dan H.

Mrs. Carole Tam

As owners of a commercial property in Temple City, California which we wanted to sell, we had the good fortune to receive an advertisement by mail from Mrs. Tam. We contacted Mrs. Carole and set up am appointment. After meeting with her we realized right away that she is an accomplished honest professional. She demonstrated to us an in depth knowledge of the San Gabriel Valley real estate market and went abaci standards to please us as a customer. Her extensive experience in marketing and advertising made our sale a profitable success. Mrs. Tam's professional strength was very much appreciated by us; we found her to be tenacious and ambitious. She demonstrated high awareness in:

Real Estate Laws and Ethics
Property/Market Evaluation
Property Inspection
Seller/Buyer Interaction
Qualifying Techniques
Networking/Team Player
Escrow/Title Liaison
Short Closing Period

My husband and I highly recommend Mrs. Tam to anyone who requires help with real estate needs. Her friendly reliable honest service is only a phone call away.

With great regards,

Mr. and Mrs. Hermann